DD eCoin Studio

DD eCoin Studio is a team of programmers managing and promoting cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum and WAVES blockchain. Now we fully focus at the WAVES and TurtleNetwork blockchains. We are running one of the WX.network's verified WAVES staking pools, as well as TurtleNetwork leasing pool.

DD eCoin Node on WAVES blockchain

We host and run WAVES node DD eCoin Node. You can stake your WAVES on our node's address:
alias ddnode

You can also select our node from list of verified nodes when staking with WX.network wallet or WX Network app.

Our node shares 100% of fees and 80% of block rewards in WAVES with stakers as soon as the block is mined. We also promote our node with DD eCoin Node token on WAVES blockchain.

Why to stake on our node?

Lease your WAVES to fresh new node running since January 2021 with personal approach, with best payout parameters ever! Our node provides fastest payouts, ensuring our investors receive their revenue on-time. Since September 2021 we are listed on official WX.Network staking pool list.

How can I stake on DD eCoin Node?

In your Waves.Exchange wallet or WX Network app, select Investment, next select WAVES Staking, click to Stake WAVES button, select DD eCoin Node from the list of verified nodes, fill-in how much WAVES you want to stake and confirm transaction.

In official mobile app WX Network, select Investment, WAVES Staking and select DD eCoin Node to stake on from verified nodes list.

Why to stake WAVES?

You'll get passive income only for holding WAVES. The funds are still in your wallet and you can stop leasing whenever you want without losing your initial lease. Leasing is also very transparent, every transaction or the node status can be viewed in Waves Explorer. Furthermore, you are actively participating on WAVES blockchain's security, because your WAVES are used to confirm and verify all platform transactions.

When I will receive my staking reward?

We send rewards to our investors every 12 hours. That is the fastest among all Waves nodes! We also inform our investors in our Telegram group. This is our lightning-fast payout!

How is my reward calculated?

We share 100% of fee and 80% of block revenues the node receives from WAVES blockchain minus blockchain transaction fees. (One block is about 2 WAVES.) We split the revenues by amount of WAVES the investor stakes on our node. (The more you stake, the more you get on rewards.)

How can I contact you?

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us on Telegram: t.me/ddecoinnode
Information about our node transactions and balances are transparently visible in blockchain explorer.

DISCLAIMER: staking on any of WAVES nodes is without guarantee of getting revenue. Your WAVES are still locked in your wallet and we can't access or transfer them, only you can. You can cancel staking at any time without any fees from our side (0.005 WAVES blockchain fee) and your funds will be available to you immediately.

DD eCoin Node on TurtleNetwork blockchain

DD eCoin Node on TurtleNetwork has ceased its operation. We kindly invite you to stake on DD eCoin Node on Waves network instead, which is still running and now offering one of the best rates on the blockchain!

You can lease your TN tokens to address:
alias ddnode

We pay every Tuesday and Friday 80% of mined fees.

Join our Telegram group: t.me/ddtnnode

Project portfolio

DD eCoin Token

Our first experience.

WAVES / TN / ERC-20 token


The cosmic currency.

Sponsored fee at WAVES blockchain

DD eCoin Token

After start of our experience on Ethereum platform with ERC-20 token DD eCoin Token, we are starting the same-named token also on the Waves platform! Official Telegram group: t.me/ddecoin_token.

More information about the DD eCoin Token on the WAVES blockchain

We issued total of 3,000,000,000 DD eCoin on the WAVES platform (WX.network). 

You can find the asset by name: DD eCoin, or the ID: D5qSa77jLUHQo4jMDFqseQGxaDwhbZJYhSgtjAUTexCr. Our token is also tradable on the WX.network.

Please do not confuse with DD eCoin Node token.

More information about the DD eCoin Token on the TN blockchain

Asset ID: ETDejSNbvoC1Rp4o2hdA7jfSJYH7Ys7hvyf8bExiLdu2

More information about DD eCoin ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain

You can view our token info here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x02abd7fcf0f3b543694185158c73ba0e51bece9d. Our token is trading on Saturn.network decentralised exchange: https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0x02abd7fcf0f3b543694185158c73ba0e51bece9d

It is possible that we'll expand with DD eCoin token also to other platforms.

GALX token

Unique token with limited (non-reissuable) supply 100M GALX. This token can be used as feetoken for paying transaction fees, which makes blockchain fees cheaper for holders. 

Fee4free token

We decided to continue the success of GALX token with a new feetoken in higher supply (3000M). Depending on the curent price, you can save about 50% on transaction fees with Fee4free! All our tokens are traded on the Waves platform exchange.

Contact us

on our node Telegram group

DD eCoin Node WAVES group: t.me/ddecoinnode
DD eCoin Node TN blockchain group: t.me/ddtnnode


We reserve right to change information and limited-time offers on this website. Investing into cryptocurrencies is risky, please invest with sense.