DD eCoin Studio

DD eCoin studio is team of programmers focused on creating and advertising cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum and Waves Platform. Now we fully focus on the Waves Platform. Our strategy is to advertise tokens via airdrops to active addresses, to offer trading of our tokens. Be active on Waves Exchange to get airdrop!

Project portfolio

DD eCoin Token

Our first experience.

Also ERC-20 token


Currency in western style.


The space currency.

Sponsored fee on Waves Platform

DD eCoin Token

After start of our experience on Ethereum platform with ERC-20 token DD eCoin Token, we are starting the same-named token also on the Waves platform! Official Telegram group: t.me/ddecoin_token. Be active on Waves blockchain to receive airdrop.

More information about the DD eCoin Token on the Waves platform

We issued a total 3,000,000,000 of DD eCoins on the WAVES platform (Waves.Exchange).

You can find the asset by name: DD eCoin, or the ID: D5qSa77jLUHQo4jMDFqseQGxaDwhbZJYhSgtjAUTexCr. Our token is also tradable on the Waves.Exchange.


DD eCoin Token (Waves platform) group: t.me/ddecoin_token


David - CEO: t.me/ddecoin_david